Swift Driver Mentor Program

Learn from the Best in the Trucking Industry

At Swift, there is much more to a career in trucking than just being an excellent driver. There is also a tremendous opportunity to pass along your knowledge to the next generation of drivers while enhancing your own earning potential. This is the role of a driving mentor.


After earning their Class A CDL, our new drivers will spend time behind the wheel on a mentor's truck hauling loads, delivering freight, taking care of customers' needs, and most importantly, learning how to safely operate a tractor-trailer. During this time, you'll teach them to hone their skills in safe driving techniques how to efficiently operate a tractor-trailer, to take care of their truck and freight, provide quality customer service and learn how to balance life on the road with life at home. But that's just the beginning. 

Our driver mentor program allows us to maintain our safe reputation by helping create capable, confident truck drivers, while also delivering on the promises to our customers. From day one, safety is our top priority at Swift. That goes for our team members, customers, and everyone we share the road with. 

Check out what some of our mentors have to say about their experiences at Swift.

Hear From Our Drivers

“When I first became a mentor, I wanted to be that perfect teacher, but then I noticed there's no such thing. So, I would let them drive the way they best knew how to. And if it wasn't working, then I’d correct and they’d have to listen to me. But you have to compromise. You can't just come in and say, ‘okay, we're going to do this my way.’ Because their way might be a little bit better than yours, at least to make them understand. And as mentors we’re always learning, too. So you have to get into the student's head, listen to them and let them listen to you.”


Terri S.

9 Years Experience


The role of a driver mentor can be extremely rewarding. Not only are you sharing your valuable knowledge so new drivers can begin a safe and exciting new journey—this important responsibility also earns you the ability to boost your earning potential, build connections, and take control of your own career path. Plus, the top 25% of driver mentors make $100,000 annually! 



As a driver mentor, you'll be responsible for working with Swift Academy graduates and recent graduates from CDL schools, helping them become capable, confident truck drivers. So, we require that our mentors meet important requirements, including a certain amount of time on the road and a solid, safe driving record, to name a few.

If you're interested or want to learn more about becoming a mentor, take these steps: 

     STEP 1: Talk with your Driver Leader about joining the driver mentor program. 

     STEP 2: If you like what you hear, go to the Driver Portal and apply online. 

     STEP 3: Upon approval, enroll in Swift University's "Driver Certification Mentor Program".

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